Can you afford a mortgage but don’t have the deposit? Is renting a waste of your money? Register - free to apply.
Shared Ownership and Help to Buy make home ownership more affordable. Follow three easy steps...

Is it for me, can I buy?

  • Could you buy 25-75% of the home with your deposit and mortgage? Then Shared Ownership could be the way to go.

  • Can you afford repayments on a home up to £600,000 but don't have the whole deposit? Help To Buy could be for you.

  • You can only buy a home for you to live in (not to let out or use as a second home).

  • You only need to find a 5% deposit and cover the costs of moving (that's 5% of the share or equity you buy, not 5% of the total price of the property).

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See how others have made it happen

  • “the only way we could possibly get a mortgage” and we're saving £92 each month.

    Wieslaw and Marta Grygny had been renting with friends and paying over £400 each month. They purchased a one-bedroom apartment in Borehamwood through shared ownership with Affinity Sutton.

  • ‘Without shared ownership, we would have had nothing’

    Pearl Stonelake had lived in Torbay all her life, always in rented accommodation, but when she found out about Beechfield View in Torbay, she saw the chance to change her situation.

  • ‘value for money comparison to where we previously rented’

    Gabriella and James had been previously living in a rented studio apartment in Maidstone and paying £550 per month.